Improv For Life with Geoff Grimwood, Starting October (Date TBD)

Improv For Life with Geoff Grimwood, Starting October (Date TBD)


Improv skills are invaluable for everything from: Business, public speaking & stand-up comedy. Improv improves Confidence, awareness and listening. Most importantly Improv equips you with the tools to apply in any situation in life.

Improv for Life incorporates basic tools like eye contact, breathing, and honesty to help students build creative and supportive scenes.

Our goal in this class will be to make our scene partners look like geniuses. We will focus on supporting ideas through the power of "Yes, And"...ideas both from our scene partners and from ourselves. Lastly, this class will celebrate the art of failing. We will learn to take chances, fail big, and appreciate that we have the freedom to do so.

There will be a Grad show at the end of class as well where you will get to showcase these skill in front of an audience of friends and family.


All classes will be held in midtown Manhattan. Details will be sent to you after registration.

We reserve the right to refund and move someone out of a class for any time for any reason.

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