Make a Professional Quality DVD

A strong DVD can help a new comic secure managers, agents, and auditions, and book paid work!

Get Seen by Industry

Many agents and managers camp out at clubs to scout new comics, and clubs often use New Talent Shows as unofficial audition nights.

Sidestep the Open Mic Scene

Most open mic crowds are small and unresponsive, resulting in a lackluster show.  New Talent Shows are produced on Gotham’s Main Stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd!

Perform Alongside Working Pros

Our New Talent shows are frequented by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan!


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Currently booking:

  • October 21st at 9:30

  • November 4th at 7pm

  • November 4th at 9:30pm

Manhattan Comedy School New Talent Shows at Gotham Comedy Club
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