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for Your Team

Build your confidence • Learn to Engage a Crowd • Clarify your business pitch


Are you losing business opportunities because you’re not engaging enough? 


Even if you are NEVER going to become a stand-up comic.

Even if you’re scared of speaking in public.

Stand up comedy skills/ lessons/ improv skills are mandatory for anyone who is a:

Business professional, entrepreneur, teacher, sales, executives, IT— basically anyone who wants to get ahead in this world and make more money needs these skills.


What you need is confidence.

Confidence, engaging a crowd, hosting an event, making business pitch, presentation, public speaking. Stand-up comedy is a must have, invaluable sill for people in business its not just for people who want to be full time comics.

Nothing makes you feel more powerful and confident than doing stand-up comedy.

You’re with a group of business professionals who are in the same boat as you.


About Andy Engel

Andy has spoken at:

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Constant Contact

  • Gotham Comedy Club

  • Comix Comedy Club

  • Actorfest

  • Actor’s Connection

  • Living Social

  • Groupon

  • Guilt

  • Mohonk Mountain House

Andy Engel has spoken in front of numerous groups of all ages and backgrounds. Starting with the countless tours he’s given to groups from all over the world to entire programs that he’s produced.

The one common denominator he’s found is that all groups like to laugh. He incorporates his background in stand-up comedy to make his speeches funny and informative.

His current platform is titled “You Can Do Stand-up Comedy and Keep Your Day Job”. 

One of the important areas he covers is how stand-up comedy is a must have skill for any small business person. Funny is money and making people laugh is truly an essential skill in today’s economy.


You Can Do Stand-up Comedy and Help Your Business

Andy Engel, Director of New Talent at Gotham Comedy Club and Founder/Owner of the Manhattan Comedy School gives a funny, but very informative speech on how stand-up comedy can help small business owners. 

Being funny is not a luxury in today’s business world; it’s a necessity. It will help you network and generate more sales leads, strengthen your writing skills, and not to mention it’ll improve your over-all self-confidence.

Stand-up comedy is the ultimate natural high, but it’s also an essential business skill in today’s society.


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