Class Reviews

As someone in software sales, I came to Manhattan Comedy School’s class curious what they could teach about business with improv. I was shocked at how much I learned. From eye contact and communication drills I didn’t know I needed, to training in creativity, performance, and story-telling, the skills I learned in just one 3-hour class I’ve already used with several of my clients. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a new, exciting way to learn business skills.
— Brock Boyce, IBM
Manhattan Comedy School did a phenomenal job with our group and in our Improv class. Our team was not only engaged but “all in” as a result of the improv exercises they planned and tailored for us. We left with clear principles and tactics that we are already applying in our office and practice—like “Yes and…”, reading visual and verbal cues, and embracing silence. We are focused on fostering an innovative culture within our team and our office—these tools and improv principles certainly help us do that.
— Leigh Shull, Senior Director, Visa
Manhattan Comedy School was immediately able to loosen up the group and get everyone comfortable being silly and being themselves. It was amazing to the see the change in group’s collective attitude from the beginning of the day and then following Manhattan Comedy School’s time with us. It’s like we’d gone through some sort of magical group therapy. Normally shy group members were talking and sharing more, everyone visibly more comfortable with each other. To this day, we still refer back to that day with Manhattan Comedy School, everyone remembers what celebrity impressions they attempted, or that moment they were desperately trying to pantomime making a pizza but we all thought they were washing windows. Aside from sharing these fun memories as a team, Manhattan Comedy School brought us closer and helped a group of very different people relate to each other in new ways, ultimately making it more enjoyable and effective to work with each other on a daily basis. I highly recommend Manhattan Comedy School for any of your team building needs!
— Rachel Inman, Google

We’ll work with you on:

  • Improving and enhancing your pitching skills
  • How to employ different types of storytelling strategically
  • Finding your own narrative voice, and adapting it based on your audience and the story itself

Your team will have fun, but they’ll also learn valuable skills like listening and responding insightfully, leaving egos at the door, and connecting meaningfully with others. If we do our job correctly, this workshop will not feel like work at all!


Instructors’ credits include: The PIT, UCB, Second City, HBO and Comedy Central half-hour specials, Late Show with David Letterman, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The View, Conan, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Two classes,
Improvisation and Storytelling



Participating in a Corporate Improv Workshop can enhance any team’s business skills.  These workshops focus on creating an innovative space to encourage engagement and personal development, and to foster creativity and growth.  Practice the art of possible through an improv experience that will motivate your corporate team toward positive change!

Improv skills are directly transferable to the corporate world:

  • “Yes, and…” and “over-acceptance” are fundamental tenants of improv.  We’ll teach your team to enthusiastically support and sell any idea, a crucial skill in business.
  • Improv is all about inclusion and valuing the input of others.  We’ll foster a safe environment for ideation.
  • Improv isn’t about going for the laugh.  It’s about being in the moment, listening to others, and working to advance the scene through organic response, skills central to corporate work.
  • Part of improv is the art of the pause.  We’ll teach your team to take a moment and make an intelligent choice, a critical workplace skill.

The workshop will not only be a fun experience for your team, but you’ll also learn valuable skills like engagement, cooperation, acknowledgement, and humility.  In improv, we don’t allow negativity, and we treat every idea as a gift.


Here at the Manhattan Comedy School, we believe there’s nothing you can’t tell a story about.  Storytelling has become an essential form of communication in the corporate world. If you’re ready to become a better boss, or just want to improve your business, you need to tell a good story.

We’ve combined comedy with the artform of storytelling to help your business team develop, adapt, and better connect with their target markets.  This will allow them to reach their goals more quickly, and allow you to set and increase your goals across all metrics and grow your business.  

The Manhattan Comedy School will open your eyes and ears to a new and exciting form of communication by teaching you a variety of storytelling techniques. Your associates will learn that any idea can sound engaging—you just have to tell the right story!