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unique, hilarious tribute movies for Birthdays, weddings,
anniversaries, retirements, graduations
...ANY special occasion.

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What Is It?


Funny, unique tribute movies for any occasion.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, and any other special event.

A Perfect Balance

We create a balance between a no-holds-barred roast movie and a powerful, moving tribute. We can customize the intensity of the comedy from very strong to very mild, to accommodate the needs of the honoree.

hilarious, unscripted, off-the-cuff moments

Blended with scripts written by Emmy-winning comedy writers. We interview close friends and family of the honorees, and using writers, we take it to the next level by casting comedians, actors and improvisers. 

What distinguishes our movies is we specialize in not only making them original, but we make them very funny.

I gave Andy Engel a tall order: Prepare an ‘anything-but-traditional’ wedding video that had to be short, classy and, most importantly, funny—very funny. He delivered in spades. We had a diverse group of friends and family at our wedding, including folks from five countries and all over the U.S. Andy’s video had them all in stitches . . . . People are still bringing it up months later.
— Shai Waisman, CEO of Prime Clerk

Not only are these movies hilarious but they also include very poignant and emotional moments. Once viewed, these movies are very often the talk of the party. The honoree, often surprised by this one of a kind gift, watches it over and over for years to come. Who would forget a movie that is all about them?


We also do roasts!


How does it work?


You simply give us the name and biography of the subject, a contact list of the interviewees (which may include family, friends, old teachers, classmates and even sometimes their dry-cleaner!) and any fun anecdotes that should be included in the movie.

We do the rest!

We contact everyone, set up the interviews, choose locations and hand-pick our team of writers and comedians.

After we shoot, we go into an editing studio and start shaping the story-line. You have the choice to view a cut of the film before it’s shown to make any edits. We also include any archival footage, photos and music that you suggest or provide.

The product is a 10-15 minute movie that the honoree will love and that you are guaranteed to be happy with.


Funny Tribute Movie Reviews

Andy’s movie was beyond fantastic! Everyone there loved it. People were laughing and crying. The photographer asked me to send her Andy’s name because she has many clients who want to do something like this. She said she was crying—and she doesn’t even know us.
— Cheryl Faillace, New York City
I told Andy I didn’t want a boring, run-of-the-mill video montage for my wife’s fortieth birthday. He created an original, meaningful, and very moving tribute that we still enjoy watching five years later. But what made his video so special and unique was that it was very, very funny. Andy’s edge is his 14 years at Caroline’s on Broadway, producing hundreds of shows. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of comedy, and great access to comedians, improvisational actors, and writers that he seamlessly incorporated into our video. The final product was the hit of the party, and best of all, my wife LOVED it.
— David Moore, New York City Private Equity Investor
While working with Andy on my second movie for my husband’s fortieth birthday, I said, ‘Go all out and have fun with it. Just make sure it ends on a sweet and sentimental note.’ With my utmost trust, Andy produced a film that will make us laugh (and cry) for years to come.
— Kate Schein, New York City
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Celebrity Cameos

We frequently ask celebrities to make guest appearances in our tribute videos.
Some celebrities who have made cameos include:

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Ed Helms

Stu “The Hangover” 2009-2013
Correspondent, “The Daily Show” 2002-2015
Andy Bernard, “The Office” 2006-2013

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Robert Funaro

Robert Funaro can be seen in Martin Scorsese’s new film The Irishman.

Past credits include: The Sinner, HBO’s Vinyl and American Gangster. Robert is best known for the role of Eugene Pontecorvo in the Emmy Award-winning television series The Sopranos. His last episode on The Sopranos, "Members Only," in which he played a major role, won an Emmy award for Best Writing in a Drama Series in 2006. Robert is a long-time student of Wynn Handman and has worked extensively in the New York City Off Broadway scene.

Susie Essman.jpg

Susie Essman

Susie Greene, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 2000-2017
Bobbie Wexler “Broad City” 2015-2016

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John McEnroe

7 Grand Slam Singles Titles


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