Learn from a Master How to Do Political Jokes

Very few puppets have material as fantastically witty and original as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Even fewer are as well-informed on the current political scene.

In his Election Special 2016, the felt-and-rubber comedian hilariously challenges the politically correct atmosphere that dominates our campuses today. The result is resounding proof that Millennials are the tragic mistake we Baby Boomers have suspected for some time.

Check out the segment below. Consider this a trigger warning if you’re offended by a Rottweiler with an accent of unknown origin who always has Robert Smigel’s hand up his hindquarters.


For more of Triumph’s interviews with a range of nerds, buffoons, and other utterly clueless people at a variety of joke-inspiring venues , visit his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCWlYLsTyJwYEqKYDmhxxA).

Anthony LeDonneComment