Our New Class Will Change Your Comedy Game

Everyone knows two things about writing comedy. It's really hard and it's really important. 

That's why we're excited to have Cory Kahaney teach her new class. Sure, she has an unreal set of credits (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, HBO, Comedy Central), but we all know that credits can mean little in a teaching environment. That's where Cory really shines. Here's some things her students have said:

Cory Kahaney is a seasoned pro with an excellent eye, ear, touch--and any other senses that apply. When it comes to sharpening jokes, finding the funny, and amplifying your own laughs, she's a go-to and a trusted expert. I have worked with her in class and privately, and I would do it again! -Terri Trespicio, writer, speaker, stand-up comic

[Cory's] tough love, experience, and guidance make her one of the best stand up teachers out there. She is invested in her students.  If you come prepared, and put in the work, she will be in your corner, pushing you to your full potential. She's tough, there's no bs, and I love it because she's made me a better comic. -Taylor Crousore

Not only does Cory bring a mentoring, nurturing approach to her classes, she also is a razor sharp writer. Check out her set on Colbert.

"My son is in fifth grade, or as I like to call it, 'The last year I'll be able to help with his homework.'

Join Cory's exclusive, small class to get personalized notes and feedback on your act. Cory is a very dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond to help her students. She has made direct introductions to industry and even brought former students to open for her.

Her class starts May 30th, but if you register before Monday, May 1st, we are offering a $50 rebate and tickets to Gotham as a thank-you for signing up early. Register for her class here.

Feel free to call 212-462-3200 if you have any questions or you would like to register over the phone. 

If you want to take your comedy to the next level, Cory Kahaney will help you get there–firmly, yet gently.

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