Stream Some Laughs Today

Feeling the need to laugh for several hours on end? Paste Magazine has made it easy with their list of the [25 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix Instant.] (

The widely varied assortment includes a range of accomplished styles and personalities, and features comedians such as current favorites Louie C.K. and Aziz Ansari to the legendary Eddie Murphy. All the joy is available to stream anytime, so settle in with some non-spit-outable snacks and prepare to laugh.

It’s also an opportunity to do some studying. Watch the material to pick up some valuable tips on delivery, developing a solid routine, writing tight, succinct jokes, and owning the stage. Watching so many seasoned pros in succession is also a great way to compare and contrast different stand-ups’ voices, and understand exactly how they’ve distinguished themselves from the crowd.

Who would you have on your list of the best stand-up specials of all time?

Anthony LeDonneComment