Top 5 Comedywire Jokes of the Week: Louis C.K., Christmas Music, and Jesus

"Trump responds by saying they have gone from 9's to 5's. Sad!"-Robb

"Couldn’t they just neuter him?"-Peter Swanz

2. Morning viewers treated to 'sex noises' during BBC live TV broadcast


"The British are coming...the British are coming"-Jennifer Mantz

3. Ryan: Praying the right thing to do after mass shootings because it ‘works’


"Good to see he finally understands the proper usage of air quotes."-Jen Lap

4. Nielsen Rating Shows Millennials LOVE Christmas Music


"Don't you mean non religious denomination winter event music?"-Bret Sohl

5. What Would Jesus Say To the NRA?


"Please, no nail guns"-Andrew Fruchtman