Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate


Give Until It Laughs

A timeless gift for funny friends, family, or Congress members.

This gift certificate covers the full cost of one of our classes.

Studies show that there’s no bigger compliment than telling someone they make you laugh, especially if it’s on purpose. To prove you mean it, follow up with a Manhattan Comedy School gift certificate.

Even better, you have two options to purchase. You can register easily right now for the gift certificate’s full six-week course.
Or you can give the recipient a head-start to ensure they’re ready for their first comedy class whenever they choose to attend:

  • This qualifies the holder for a 10-minute coaching session with me, the Director of New Talent at the Gotham Comedy Club

  • I’ll provide valuable tips on how to start writing, and what to write about. In addition, I’ll recommend the right reading material to begin developing a unique comedic voice.

  • Certificate holders also receive two complimentary tickets to a show at Gotham Comedy Club--ideal for engaging potential comedians and motivating them to appear on the very same stage.

*Gift certificates good for five years. Students must let us know what class they’re taking at least 14 days prior to the class start date.

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