3 More Interesting Improv Questions Answered

Starting to do improv can be tough. Improv warlock Brandon Gardner simplifies things with his concise yet effective answers. Continuing our series of videos about improvisational comedy, here's the UCB performer and teacher answering a variety of improv questions.  

How do you avoid making jokes in a scene?

Improv is distinct from stand-up beyond mere scripts. In improv, jokes are never the aim. Are there exceptions to this rule? Check out Brandon's nuanced answer below.  

How do you keep moving the scene forward?

It takes more than mere ""not panicking"" to make an improv scene continue effectively. What can you do to keep the blood of the scene pumping? Well, you don't want to riff uncontrollably. Brandon explains how specifically to aim your sights.  

What's the difference between passive and active choices in improv?

Not all choices are created equal, but there's situation where each is appropriate. Brandon explains below. 

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