4 Improv Questions & Tips for Beginners

Watching professionals do improv can be intimidating for aspiring improvisers. But take it from improv professional Brandon Gardner, getting into improv is easier than you think. Continuing our series of videos about the artform of improvisation, here's the UCB star on a variety of topics. 

What's a Harold? 

Have you ever heard the term ""Harold""? Brandon explains here how you can use a Harold in Improv to help structure your scene work.

What Objects Can You Use in Improv? 

You can add rich detail to your scene if you know how to do object work properly. Here's some tips.

What Other Skills Are Useful? 

Improv is an art form! But like all artists, you need special skills to help your improv scene be the best. Do you already have some of the skills you need to succeed?

Are There Limits in Improv? 

Improv is about having fun and making people (and yourself) laugh! You should never feel uncomfortable in a scene or with your scene partners. This is what to do if you're not comfortable with your improv scene.

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